At Strauser Construction Co., Inc. we work to create the safest possible environment for each person who arrives at one of our projects.  This is done through safety plan implementation, training, and by requiring a commitment from each employee to be part of a team dedicated to creating an atmosphere where safety is the priority.

On a Strauser Construction project safety planning is both all encompassing and a daily activity.  At the inception of each project a Project Specific Safety Plan is created and a Superintendent/Foreman trained to maintain safe working conditions is assigned to the project.  This jobsite supervision then meets with the Project Manager, our own tradesmen, and subcontractor foreman on a daily basis to discuss activities and identify any hazards.  These supervisors along with safety personnel also conduct regularly scheduled on-site safety meeting that deal with relevant topics.

The objectives of this team approach to safety are:

  • arrow Outline the duties and responsibilities of each employee in creating a safe working environment.
  • arrow Establish policies and procedures for all employees
  • arrow Identify potential hazards at the start of a project and as conditions evolve.
  • arrow Create a safety plan specific for each project and its tasks that eliminate hazards.
  • arrow Identify and address concerns;  allow tradesmen the opportunity to provide valuable insight
  • arrow Identify any additional training required for employees
  • arrow Prevent near misses
  • arrow Create an injury-free workplace

Safety at Strauser Construction

  • arrow Company Safety Plan
  • arrow Company Fall Protection Plan
  • arrow Project & Site Specific Safety Plans
  • arrow Pre-Construction Safety Meeting
  • arrow Regularly scheduled On-site Safety Meeting for trades
  • arrow Site Specific Fall Protection Plan
  • arrow Fall Protection Certification Training
  • arrow Aerial Platform & Lift Training
  • arrow Tool & Equipment Safe Use Training
  • arrow CPR & First-Aid Trained Staff
  • arrow Drug Testing
  • arrow Management & Field Supervision experienced in maintaining a safe working environment
Strauser Construction Company - SafetyStrauser Construction Company - SafetyStrauser Construction Company - SafetyStrauser Construction Company - Safety